Technology Platform Minimums

In an effort to help our partners we require a minimum hardware and software baseline. The following outlines out hardware and software baselines.

Personal Computer System Minimums

RequirementWindows-Based PCApple Mac/MacOS-Based
Operating SystemWindows 10 or higherMacOS 10.13 or higher
Web BrowserFirefox, Edge or Google ChromeFirefox or Google Chrome
ProcessorIntel I5 based model or AMD Equivelant or higherIntel Core i5 based models or higher
Storage50gb of available space50gb of Available Space
ConnectivityEthernet or Wifi(Ethernet Preferred)Ethernet or Wifi(Ethernet Preferred)

Networking Equipment Minimums

FirewallStill supported by the manufacturer and not end of life
SwitchesStill supported by the manufacturer and not end of life
Network CablingProperly Labeled

Printer Minimums

PrinterStill supported by the manufacturer. Physical Ethernet Port

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